Filipino dating traditions that you must not ignore

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Malaysia singles Filipino dating traditions that you need to know. You must have the permission of the lady or the father to visit her at home. Dating outside the home requires a chaperon. Malaysian women personal ads, from Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..

Filipino Dating Traditions- Some Practices That You Must Not Ignore

Author: Anna Santos

Filipino dating traditions are still practiced at present although it is less evident in urban areas. It still is being strictly implemented in some provincial areas where the influence of other cultures has not seeped in. But, these traditions have evolved at present because of television or media.

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Most of these Filipino dating traditions have been passed down for generations. Parents are socially responsible for teaching their children these traditions.

When you court a Filipina, it will be an extensive and grueling process. For the fact that being "hard to get" is one of their dating traditions also. Even though she may like her suitor she should not show any favor instantaneously. Time and effort are the system of measurement for a suitor's true intention.

Informal introductions are discouraged. You must have the permission of the lady or the father to visit her at home. During your visit you are expected to bring gifts for the family and the lady you want to court. This, of course is required every time you visit. During the first few visits, it will be more of informal chatting and getting to know the family and clarifications of your real intentions. Visiting more often afterwards and sometimes serenading her at a full moon will show that you are interested and wish to pursue you intentions.

Dating outside the home requires a chaperon. It should be someone directly related or close to the family of the woman. In certain scenarios the whole family comes along to enjoy the time together.

You do not only aim to win the heart of the woman you desire but also the favor of the parents as well. If ever you get lucky you will earn the family's trust, and then after which you can propose at any given day.

But the proposal also has a way of transpiring traditionally. The man's parents have to go with him to do a "pamanhikan" or the wedding proposal. The parents of the man should be the one to formally ask the woman's hand to marry their son. They also have to bring with them plenty of food and presents which will be presented as a dowry to the parents of the lady. Afterwards the date and place of the wedding is agreed upon by both parties. These are the early stages of Filipino dating traditions that are still being observed by many.

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